Our Food


Our aim is to bring you fresh, great tasting food using quality ingredients, served with a smile.

Specialising in our Gourmet Mac & Cheese collection, a creative and innovative take on the familiar home favorite, but with a gourmet twist.

You can expect a whole lot more than the traditional oven-baked Mac & Cheese with each meal cooked to order in front of the customer and with the introduction of ingredients you’re more likely to associate with a high-end restaurant, this 21st century Mac & Cheese really is something to be desired.

Our menus can be adapted to suit any event but here’s a taste of what we serve.

Popeye’s Pesto


Blended spinach, goats cheese, peas & pine nuts with sundried tomato

Wild Piggy


Ham, wild mushroom and garlic

Posh Prawn


King prawn, roasted & pickled fennel with tarragon

Mac Daddy


Ham, wild mushroom and garlic

Hot & Handsome


Chorizo with homemade harissa and caramelised onion

Dirty Sausage


Ham, wild mushroom and garlic

All served with our homemade parmesan and thyme sourdough crumb